Letter of Agreement

  • Letter of Agreement
    This letter summarizes the agreement we have reached. I,
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Born on
  • hereunder referred to as the “client” hereby authorize and appoint Easy Emigration Co., full member of CA business registration # C4542425, Tel No 310-954-7291 as the “consultant” located at 11728 wilshire blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90025 USA hereunder referred as the “firm”, represent the application for a University Application for myself to US Univeristies. The consultant and the firm are authorized to assign any of their staff members, associates, affiliates, lawyers or agents to process any matters in whole or part related to the above mentioned subject as they deem appropriate. In doing so, they may each receive or pay to each other any pecuniary remuneration/benefit that may be acquired directly or indirectly including those from a third party for the purpose of obtaining a favorable and expeditious result.

    A-I affirm that I have not presented or will not present at any future date, false or misleading information to either the consultant or the firm or to the government of America or any other provinces.

    B Services
    1-All preparation of forms and submission 2-Counselling to the client. 3-Liase between the American government, provincial government and the client. 4-Apprise the client on the progress of his/her application in timely manner 5-Prepare the client for the interview if required. 6-Monitor the case through completion 7-Present documentation to Universities.

    C- Fees
    All professional fees exclude any payments to US universities.
    Total fee is USD $2000. USD $1000 paid upon evaluation and assessment/ signing of this agreement(The office is responsible to Apply for Universities) USD $1000 paid upon completion of transfer process in the US.

    D-Additional services.
    1-If additional services beyond the scope of this agreement are requested or required, they will be billed appropriately, and separately. I acknowledge and agree that the consultant may receive commission or fees from any financial or other institutions.

    E-Acknowledgments and Responsibilities
    I understand that if payments are not made as per agreed terms and conditions of this agreement, neither the consultant nor the firm shall be held responsible for the cost and consequences arising from the effort to recover the same. As well, the consultant and/or the firm shall be entitled to take appropriate action to recover such outstanding sums and suspend/cease further work on our case. All consequences and costs due to this will be my responsibility and the consultant and the firm will not be held responsible.
    If any dispute arises concerning fee, lack of response to requests for information or preservation of client property, client agrees to raise his/her complaint directly to the consultant. A complaint should be submitted in detail in writing with all related supporting documents by registered mail to consultant’s office in USA. Consultant will respond to the issue within 60 days from receipt of the complaint. I agree and confirm that if I withdraw my application I will pay all the cost incurred to that point in time.
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